There is a lot of competition to get academic journal papers published. Making sure that your text is clearly presented, with well-written summaries, introductions and conclusions, is vital.

Academic journals have limited editing resources. One of the main reasons that papers are rejected is because they are poorly written, even if the content is first class.

The problem is that some authors are not confident about their writing style, even if English is their first language. Despite this, they don’t seek professional support.

That is where our Academic Paper Editing Service can help. We can look at your manuscript and make sure that it presents your research in the best light.

* Are your punctuation, spelling and grammar correct?

* Is your text easy to read and understand?

* Do the main points you are making stand out or get lost in the detail?

Ensuring that your paper is accepted can:

* increase your profile in the international research community

* enhance your career, by improving your chance of being promoted

* lead to exciting opportunities, such as invitations to speak at conferences

* help secure further research funding

* generate important citations in other research studies.

Providing journals with well-written papers that get accepted for publication is clearly a good investment.

To find out more, please email for a copy of our Academic Paper Editing Service leaflet.

“The paper has most definitely achieved a higher level of  clarity and readability.” Swedish author.

“This is amazingly good work...the paper with these corrections is far better...excellent.” French author